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There’s nothing like a cozy night in when it’s cold outside. As long as your furnace is working.

The furnace is the heart of your home. It keeps you and your family comfortable and warm on those harsh winter days, ensuring that your home feels like a sanctuary from the outside world. Naturally, when there is a problem with your furnace, it negatively affects your day-to-day comfort and routine.

So, if you notice your furnace acting up, how do you know what’s wrong? Is it something that just needs a simple repair or is it time for a whole new furnace? Here is some information to help you figure out how to get your furnace running smoothly and heating your home again.

How Does My Furnace Work, Anyway?

A furnace works by drawing air into a duct system, through which it is brought to burners that heat up a heat exchanger, which in turn warms the air that’s been drawn in. The warm air is then sent into various rooms in your home via a network of ducts.

It is a good idea to get your furnace checked, repaired, or replaced during the summer months in order to make sure that it will be humming along by the time the temperatures drop in the fall and winter. Be sure to have a furnace inspection done once every year to keep it running efficiently.

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Common Furnace Problems

Clogged filter: if your furnace isn’t heating as well as it should be (or not at all), a clogged filter may be the culprit. Check it and have it replaced if necessary.

Blocked vents: a common problem if a furnace has trouble starting or won’t start at all is a blocked vent. Make sure your vents are always clear.

Leaks: water leaking from your furnace is most likely from condensation caused by a damaged or blocked-up hose. Call a technician as soon as you spot water forming around your furnace.

Furnace cost increasing: If your heating bills are suddenly more expensive for no obvious reason, your furnace probably needs to be cleaned and serviced by a professional. Regular furnace check-ups ensure that your furnace continues running smoothly and as efficiently as possible, so you don’t end up spending a bunch of money you don’t have to.

Not enough heat: if your heat isn’t what it used to be, that likely indicates a problem with the pilot light, thermostat, power/fuel supply, or filters.

Strange noises, such as: 

  • Grinding–motor bearings need to be fixed
  • Rattling–loose panels have to be tightened
  • Popping–ductwork expanding and contracting
  • Squealing–worn-out fan bearings or a blower belt has slipped out of place or needs to be replaced

Best Rated Furnace Repair and Furnace Replacement Service

Are you having furnace issues and are unsure of whether to repair or replace your furnace? Call John Sadler, an HVAC-certified professional, to inspect your furnace and let you know whether to repair or replace it. If your furnace is over 20 years old, it is likely a better idea to get a new one to replace it, but if your furnace is younger, it is likely worth it to have it repaired.

If you find yourself having to get your furnace repaired over and over again, it might be time for a new furnace altogether. A new furnace will cost less than constantly paying for repairs and will work more efficiently, saving money on your monthly bill.

Get your furnace inspected and serviced by a reliable technician once a year at the end of summer or beginning of fall, before you start using it in earnest on a daily basis as the cold season arrives. Furnaces that aren’t serviced annually often leave their warranty void.

Don’t try to attempt DIY furnace repair yourself. Doing furnace repairs yourself can be unsafe and usually you will just end up making the problem worse and putting more time and money into it than is necessary.

Trust John Sadler for the Best Furnace Repair and Replacement

Our professional furnace contractors have the knowledge and expertise necessary to help you find the best, most efficient furnace for your home and keep it in top condition for years to come. Whether you need routine furnace maintenance or repair or you have an emergency with your furnace, the experienced technicians at John Sadler Plumbing and Heating are here to help with whatever you need.

In addition to servicing residential furnaces, we also provide furnace installation, inspection, repair, and replacement for industrial and commercial facilities.

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