Common Home Heating Issues

January 23, 2024

Are you having issues with your home heating system? Here are the most common problems and what to do about them.


Furnace Filter Needs to be Replaced

A very common cause of home heating issues is forgetting to change your furnace filter. Your furnace filter needs to be replaced at least every 3 to 4 months. It’s such a simple (and easy to forget!) thing, but so important in making sure that you have heat.

The filter removes the dust and debris like pet hair from the air before it goes through your furnace. This not only keeps your air clean, it also keeps the inner workings of your furnace clean and running smoothly. As your filter gets more and more full, the airflow through your furnace is restricted, which makes your furnace work harder and causes wear and tear on your blower motor, as well as all the electronic components of the furnace. If your filter is clogged, your furnace has a safety switch in it that will shut down the furnace. This means that, when the filter has been in for too long, the furnace will start to cycle more and more because it is getting overheated, and has to keep shutting down to cool itself off. 


Furnace is Accidentally Turned Off

Properly labelled furnace "on/off" switch.

This may seem like an obvious one, but it happens more often than you’d think! The “on/off” switch for your furnace/boiler typically looks just like a regular wall switch, so it is easy to mistake it for a light switch. If your furnace doesn’t come on, make sure that somebody hasn’t accidentally flipped the switch. It helps to label the “on/off” switch properly with the word “furnace” to prevent this from happening in the future.


Tripped Breaker

Sometimes the furnace shuts off because the breaker in the electrical panel has tripped. This most often happens after a power outage, whether it’s a full blackout or just a brown out. However, it can also happen any time there is a power surge or the circuit is overloaded. If your furnace isn’t working, and you’re not sure why, always check the breaker first.


Furnace or Boiler Can’t Keep Up During a Cold Snap

Heat loss regularly causes issues during the coldest part of the year. When there is a cold snap, we inevitably get people calling because their furnace or boiler simply cannot keep up. Sometimes this is because of an equipment problem that needs to be addressed, but just as frequently it is an issue with their windows and insulation letting in too much cold air. We see this most often in rooms that have three outside walls, rooms above garages, old homes with single-paned windows, and rooms that are furthest away from the mechanical room.

Need help with your furnace or boiler? We’re always here to help with quality work done efficiently. 




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