Water Safety at Home: is Your Plumbing Keeping You Safe?

June 15, 2020

Ensure Safe Drinking Water

Safe drinking water is one of the most important things, and it is something that we often take for granted because most people nowadays have such easy access to it in their homes, however it is important to consider the safety of the water in your home and make sure you are taking steps to ensure that your water is uncontaminated and as pure as possible.

Don’t Ignore Changes

A few weeks ago, we noticed that the water coming out of our kitchen tap was slightly brown and murky. It turned out that the city was flushing the water mains in our neighbourhood, and everything returned back to normal after an hour or so. If you notice a change in the colour, taste, or smell of your drinking water, don’t just ignore it, even if it is very slight. Anytime that your drinking water seems different or off, first call the city water department to check if work is being done in your area. If the problem persists for more than a couple of hours, have a professional inspect your plumbing and let you know whether there is any cause for concern. 

Purify Your Water

If you’re concerned about the purity or taste of your tap water, you may want to consider installing a Reverse Osmosis (RO) filtration system. This is a chemical-free system that effectively removes contaminants from water, leaving you with safe, fresh tasting water.

Prevent Mold

Mold can cause serious health problems and should not be taken lightly. We’ve seen two examples this month of mold resulting from minor faucet leaks that were left unchecked. One was a small drip under a kitchen sink that had created a cupboard full of black mold in less than a week. At another home, a dripping hot water faucet in a bathtub had created enough steam to fill the bathroom with steam, producing patches of mold all over the walls and ceiling. These minor leak issues are easy to fix, but mold problems are not. The best way to prevent mold from growing in your home is to be vigilant about leaky pipes and dripping faucets and to have them repaired as soon as you notice them.

Know Your Pipes

Make sure that you know what your pipes are made out of and whether they are due to be replaced. Some older homes still have lead pipes in their plumbing system, and lead can leach into your water and be hazardous to your health. Pipes made of other materials can also contaminate your drinking water if they have reached the end of their lifespan and are beginning to break down. Have a plumber inspect your home pipes. They will be able to advise you as to whether your pipes need to be replaced due to age or hazardous materials like lead.

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