When is it Time to Replace My Home Heating System?

February 26, 2021

Are you unsure of how to tell when you should start thinking about replacing your home heating system? Here are some signs that should tip you off that it’s time to upgrade to a new heating system.


Your Heating System is Past its Life Expectancy

Different heating systems have different life expectancies, but find out what the norm is for yours and if you’ve had it for close to that long (or longer!), be aware that it might not last much longer. If you don’t know how old your heating system is because it was there when you moved in, it may be indicated right on your furnace or boiler, usually on a sticker containing the serial number and similar information. If your home still has its original heating system and it’s older, don’t take the risk of going cold next winter–install a new heating system now.


Higher Bills

If your utility bills are suddenly higher for no obvious reason, it may be that your heating system is working less efficiently because it is on its last legs. As a heating system ages and deteriorates, it needs to spend more energy running in order to work as effectively as it used to with less energy, so your bills will go up as your system reaches the end of its life. Upgrading to a new system will improve efficiency and lower your heating bills.


Your Home Takes Longer to Heat

If it is taking longer for your home to heat up or you find that you have to turn your heat up to a higher setting than you used to in order to reach a comfortable temperature, this often indicates a heating system that is running less efficiently and may need to be replaced soon. 


You’ve Had Repairs Done Multiple Times Recently

If you find yourself having to get your heating system repaired frequently, it is probably time to replace it with a new one. Otherwise, the odds are that your system is just going to keep breaking down and requiring repair, which means you’ll end up spending more money on the cumulative repairs than on a whole new system.


You’re Hearing Strange Sounds

When heating systems are running properly, they should be quiet. As they get older they might get louder, and if you begin hearing strange noises such as squealing, banging, or rattling often indicate that your system needs replacing.

If you are ready to upgrade to a new heating system and have questions or would like to book an installation, contact us.

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