What Boiler System is Right for Me?

April 17, 2024
Navien Combi boiler new installation

Wondering what equipment you should get to replace your existing boiler? Here is a quick guide to boiler systems and the different configurations available.


Starting in 2022, BC no longer allows the sale of mid-efficiency conventional boilers, so all of today’s boiler replacements and new installations are done with high-efficiency boilers. There are several configurations, grades, and sizes of high-efficiency boilers, but in general, they fall into three types 1) Heating boilers, 2) Hot water boilers, and 3) Combi boilers, which provide both heat and hot water.

Heating boilers are used in residential homes that have radiant infloor heating pipes which warm the floors, and/or hot water baseboards that heat each room.

High-efficiency hot water boiler systems are for potable domestic hot water, and are often paired with hot water storage tanks. They are great for applications like strata building hot water systems that rely on having dependable and plentiful supply.

Combi Boilers

A combi boiler is a wall-hung high efficiency boiler that not only provides heating for the home, it also provides on-demand (tankless) hot water as well. Combis are over 95% efficient, and are an especially great choice for townhomes and homes where mechanical room space is at a premium. 

Typically, when the team at John Sadler undertakes a boiler replacement, it’s not just a matter of removing the old boiler and hot water tank. We do an entire boiler room makeover, complete with a piping and component upgrade to bring the system up to today’s standards. Just as technology has changed in many other areas of homes, heating systems have also changed significantly over the years. Our combi boiler installations are done to the highest standards and are designed to add value to your home.

Which Boiler System Should I Choose?

Which boiler system is right for you depends on various factors related to your home’s heating and hot water needs such as how many zones you have, whether you have radiant heating or hot water baseboard, hot water demand, whether redundancy is needed, size of the mechanical room, age of your current hot water tank, and budget of course. We have specialized in boiler replacements for residential homes and strata for nearly 50 years, and our experienced team is happy to assess your specific needs and help determine the best equipment for you.

When it comes to boilers, whether they be heating boilers or combi boilers (for both heating & domestic hot water) we recommend choosing Navien. Navien is one of the largest boiler companies in the world. Their boilers are all highly efficient and they manufacture their own parts, which allows them to keep costs down for replacement components. Given the popularity of Navien products, parts are easy to acquire should one be needed. Another reason why we choose Navien so often is their tech support and client support, which we feel are the best in the industry. When heating a home and hot water is concerned, Navien is a brand you can trust down the road to help you get the part you need and sort out any issues as quickly as possible.

If you are considering updating your boiler system, get in touch with John Sadler Plumbing & Heating today! We are happy to answer any questions you may have and provide you with a free boiler estimate.

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