Is Your Shower Taking a Long Time to Heat Up? Here’s Why

June 19, 2024

Do you find yourself having to wait and wait just to get your shower going at a comfortable, warm temperature? This is a common issue in many households and there are a number of factors that may be causing it.


Reasons Why Your Water Takes a Long Time to Heat Up

Here are the most common reasons why you have to wait around for your shower to warm up every morning.


Distance from Water Heater to Shower

Hot water needs time to travel from your water heater all the way to your showerhead. Depending on the relative locations of your water heater and your shower, this can take a little while! If your water heater is not close to your shower, you are simply waiting for the hot water to make its way through your pipes and there is nothing wrong with your plumbing system.


A Problem With Your Water Heater

If your shower used to heat up quicker and the slow heating is a new development, you likely have a problem with your water heater. It may be that your water heater is beginning to fail and needs to be replaced. Have a plumber inspect your hot water heater and they can let you know whether you just need a quick repair or if it is time for a replacement.


Large-Diameter Pipes

The diameter of your pipes affects how quickly hot water travels from your water heater to your shower. Water travels faster through pipes with a small diameter, because less water is required to fill the pipe enough to move through it. Wide pipes with a larger diameter require more water to fill up, pushing the water through the pipes to its destination.


Water Pressure

The flow rate of your showerhead impacts how quickly (or slowly) your water heats up. The lower your flow rate, the longer it takes for the cold water left in the pipes to flow out and allow the hot water to come out. If you are waiting too long for a hot shower, you may benefit from replacing your showerhead with a slightly higher flow model. 

If you are tired of waiting for your shower to heat up, you may want to install an under-sink recirculation system in your home. An under-sink recirculation system works by continuously circulating hot water from the water heater to the sink’s hot water line, ensuring that hot water is readily available when you need it and reducing the amount of time it takes for your shower to heat up.

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