What to Consider Before Purchasing a Fire Table

May 15, 2022

Depending on what type of fire table you buy, and where you want to locate it on your property, running a natural gas line to it could be quite straightforward or quite involved. Many people do not think about the specifics of how installing a fire table will work until they have already purchased one. Keep the following in mind when you are making a decision about which fire table to choose.

Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Fire Table

Propane or Natural Gas?

Some fire tables use natural gas, while others use propane. Make sure that you know which one you’re buying!

Where Will You Place it?

Make sure that you have a clear idea of where you will place your fire table once you get it home, and think about what that means for the gas line installation. For example, if your fire table is close to the house, it will be a simpler installation, but if you want to place it further from the house in the yard, your gas line may need to be run underneath concrete, aggregate, landscaping, or a deck, which will make the installation more complicated. Think about how the placement of your fire table will affect your gas line installation and keep in mind that more complicated installations will cost more.

Will the Gas Line Need to Be Hard-Piped, or Use a Quick Disconnect Hose?

Depending on which type you buy, your fire table will connect to your natural gas line in one of two ways. The first type, which includes most custom-built fire tables, are hard-piped in place, meaning that they are in a fixed position and attach directly to a gas pipe that is typically roughed-in directly underneath the unit. The second type, which includes most retail fire tables, are connected to a natural gas outlet using a flexible quick-disconnect hose, which enables you to move them around. A good way to understand the difference is to think of it in comparison with different types of lighting: some lights, such as chandeliers, are hardwired to the electrical wiring in your home, while other types of lights, namely lamps, are plugged into an electrical outlet with a flexible cord. Make sure that you take this into account and think about what’s best for your home before settling on the model of fire table you’re going to purchase.

Which Size Gas Line Do You Need?

It’s a good idea to talk to a gas fitter about what size of gas line you’ll need for your new fire table before you purchase it. You may already have a barbecue hooked up to natural gas and assume that’s all you need, but your current line may not have enough gas pressure to add a fire table. If this is the case, you will need to upgrade it.

Will You Need a Single or Dual Gas Outlet?

Do you need a single or dual gas outlet, also referred to as a “BBQ Box”? Gas outlets are similar to electrical outlets in that you basically plug and play. They come in single-outlet boxes as well as dual-outlet boxes which could supply both your barbecue, as well as a fire table (or patio heater, or tiki torches, the list goes on).

All of these are important to know as they will determine how your gas line can be run and how much the project will cost. If you have questions about how installing a fire table works, feel free to get in touch with the experts at John Sadler Plumbing & Heating today!



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