Common Holiday Plumbing Issues

December 19, 2022

Plumbing problems over the holidays are more common than you might think. Here’s what you need to know.

Why are There More Plumbing Issues Around the Holidays?

At first, it might sound strange that plumbing issues are more common around the holidays, but it is simply due to the fact that houseguests and cooking big holiday meals means your plumbing is getting a harder workout than normal.

There’s a reason why plumbers in the States call the Friday after Thanksgiving “Brown Friday.” It’s because it is the busiest day of the year for drain cleaning because of all of the misguided things houseguests try to put down drains and flush down toilets when they are visiting family for the holidays.

Because of this added strain on household plumbing, issues like drain clogging, garbage disposals breaking, and a lack of hot water are common over the holiday season.

How to Prevent Holiday Plumbing Problems

In the Kitchen

Be mindful of what goes down the drain when you do your holiday cooking. Do not put any greasy substances down the drain, especially gravy, turkey pan drippings, bacon fat, etc. These things clog up drains in a hurry. Instead, pour them into a metal tin and let them cool, then simply throw out the whole tin.

Do not put bones or any hard foods down the garburator. Garbage disposals are only meant to break down soft scraps of food left on plates. They are not meant to be garbage cans. Common problem foods for garburators include bones, orange peels, and even coffee grounds. These things don’t break down and can get stuck in your garburator and clog up the mechanism. Be kind to your garburator and scrape the food from your plates and pots into the garbage before rinsing them.

If any guests are cooking in your kitchen, remind them to be aware of the above guidelines for drain and garbage disposal care.

In the Bathroom

Remind your guests (especially kids and teens) not to put anything down the toilet other than toilet paper.

Make sure that you have a plunger handy, just in case toilets or sinks get clogged.

Stagger showers to make sure that you have enough hot water for all of your houseguests (or get a tankless water heater so that you have an endless supply of hot water for everyone!).

If you have a plumbing problem this holiday season, John Sadler Plumbing & Heating is here to help. Get in touch whenever you need any plumbing or heating repairs, maintenance, or installation services.



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