Why Regular Drainage Maintenance is a Good Investment

August 30, 2023

Those running strata buildings can save a lot of money in the long term by investing in proper drainage installation and regular maintenance. Having the drainage in your strata building regularly inspected and cleaned will help to prevent costly damages later, as well as keep systems running efficiently and bills lower.

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A question we often get from strata buildings is, “how often do our vertical and horizontal drains need to be cleaned?” Knowing the answer to this can save you a lot of headaches and major expenses down the line (no pun intended).

Depending on the quality of the drainage system installed in the building, as well as how careful the residents are about what they put down their sinks/toilets, buildings can have a great deal of clogged drain lines or very few. Improper installation is a common issue we see that results in poor drainage in newer strata buildings in Vancouver.

Examples of Poor Installations:

  • Lines installed with too many bends or bends that are too tight and don’t drain away easily
  • Lines without proper grade to drain away and not get debris sitting in the flat sections
  • Improperly-sized drain lines that are too small to handle the volume
  • Poor quality piping

Examples of Items Commonly Found in Badly Clogged Drain Lines in Buildings:

  • Wok and deep fryer grease
  • Wet wipes
  • Feminine products
  • Hard food waste including coffee grounds, bones, peel, etc.

Both the vertical drain stacks which originate on the roof, and the horizontals which go between suites as well as out to the city sewer connection, should be checked each year and cleaned out every two years.

Always hire an experienced and trusted plumber for drainage maintenance in your building. At John Sadler Plumbing & Heating, our plumbers have years of experience with drainage installation and maintenance in strata buildings of all sizes. Get in touch today to book your drainage maintenance.

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