Technical Safety BC Requirements for Gas Fitters

May 29, 2024

Do you know how to tell if your gas fitter is in compliance with Technical Safety BC? Learn the requirements and what to know when hiring a gas contractor.


What is Technical Safety BC?

Technical Safety British Columbia (TSBC) operates as an autonomous, self-supported body responsible for ensuring the secure setup and functioning of technical systems and equipment throughout the province. TSBC grants permits, licenses, and certificates to gas fitters. They also collaborate with the industry to minimize safety hazards through evaluations, education and outreach programs, enforcement measures, and research initiatives.


What are the TSBC Requirements for Gas Fitters?

Completion of the appropriate certification is necessary for anyone to perform regulated gas work in British Columbia. There are multiple certifications available. In order to become certified, applicants must meet the minimum requirements specified by their chosen certificate, and successfully pass an exam.

Compliance with the Safety Standards Act, all applicable safety directives, and all relevant regulations is a requirement of all gas fitters in BC.

All BC gas contractors must display their Technical Safety BC license number on their website, advertising, and marketing materials. This regulation came into effect in 2023.

The reason why TSBC now requires gas fitters to display their number is because there are a lot of unqualified contractors out there operating under the guise of being certified gas fitters. Making displaying their TSBC number a requirement makes it easier for consumers to identify reputable gas fitters. If you are looking for gas services and are unsure who to hire, make sure you check contractors’ websites and find their TSBC license number. This will usually appear in the footer of the website when you scroll to the very bottom.

John Sadler Plumbing & Heating is a fully licensed gas contractor in compliance with all of TSBC’s regulations. Whether you need gas appliances or gas lines installed, replaced, or repaired, you can trust the experienced team at John Sadler do the job! We always prioritize safety, quality, and precision.

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